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10 Outdoor and Tactical Gift Ideas Over $100 – 2018

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Here are 10 outdoor and tactical gift ideas to help you find gifts related to camping, survival and general preparedness. These are all between $50 – $100. This info is also on the website at:

Here are the links to the items shown in this video:

Peltor Tactical Sport 500

Surefire Tactician

Hubertus Springers
From $159.00


Vanquest Markhor 45

Nikon Monarch 82ED-A Spotting Scope

MSK1 Mini

Vanquest Rackit-36

Tactical Response Gift Certificate

USCCA Membership
Various Prices

Here’s the playlist with all the previous years’ gift ideas:

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8 thoughts on “10 Outdoor and Tactical Gift Ideas Over $100 – 2018

  1. Got my iI on the Markor 45
    ..I want it in black camo (I dont think it does) or woof gray.

    Going back in forth netewwn the trident 31 (which does come on black camo)..
    Great ideas Brian

    1. I am beyond impressed with the Markhor 45. It is admittedly on the higher end of the price scale but I have not seen anything else quite like it.

  2. All X-Mas Gift Ideas Videos are best . You Do Very good recommendations ,It’s helps the peoples a lot .
    By the way “Merry X-Mas ” to you & yous family

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