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13 Rules for Survival/ Prepping Groups After Collapse

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How do you maintain order within a group or community after disaster. If resources are limited the ability of people to get along will be make or break the survivability. In this video the focus of the discussion will be establishing a group constitution, rules and the penalties for deviating from them.

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7 thoughts on “13 Rules for Survival/ Prepping Groups After Collapse

  1. You lost me at a ban on screwing any group that tells me when I can do that is not a group for me. The black death happened the dark ages happened even slavery happened and with all that people kept screwing !

  2. For the people who say they can’t prep, you can but you have to make a concerted effort. Even if all you can afford to buy is an extra bag of rice or even a ramen noodles that is good. Please don’t think any of us built all our stocks in one day. Besides there are skills you can learn for free and will be most useful in a solo or group. Gardening is something you can teach yourself now and should. You can start as easily as taking a couple beans out to plant before cooking the rest. You will never miss them. But through trial and error you will find out how to grow your own food. Learn medical skills. Learn how to fix things. Bear in mind that in a shtf moment you will not have the power tools you may have now. You can turn garbage into workable and necessary things to use. Such as turning a tossed out pallet into a garden. It a shelter. In a shtf the snowflakes that have waited for someone to do for them will be in for a bad time and likely will die hungry and dirty and sick. One of the best things you can learn in herbalism. What weeds are edible which are medicinal and which are poisonous. Just a thought. You may not have a penny to spare but knowledge is free and priceless.

  3. That’s the problem. The women have to much power now. That’s why we all of a sudden we have so many different genders

  4. Don’t underestimate incentives. Example, if you want me to do security and to make sure bad people don’t come here , then I’ll need resources like food BUT I need to be happy too. So that mean the capacity to have a family. That’s one incentive. If I’m single you want me married . This means a big invested stake , efficiency and a reason and I’ll be happier. If I’m happy you’ll be happy. In a way , my happiness makes you happy. I’ll be less likely to despair, be lonely, less depression, less trouble if I’m down . Give me someone who cares for me and I’d face the world on your behalf . People respond to such incentives. Do you really want a single guy making trouble? Course not. This means married women would decide who I should ask (just options). A few suggestions. Because they would know whose good. This means I have a reason to make the best decisions not that I won’t without a wife but it is an extra layer of incentive. Which ensures my happiness in the long run.
    An aspect not many talk about.
    You want to make certain folks quite happy if it’s a job that’s integral . Security, Medicine , Dispute Resolution etc
    I think IQ combined with psychological temperment is important. Is this person rational? Will they be able to trade ? What’s their skillset and Iq? What motivates them? What doesn’t motivate them? What are their fears and goals? What do they offer? What do they want in return?
    Can they keep a cool head? Where do they see themselves in the future? Can we as a group accommodate those requests? If not, how can we?
    I’m sure there could be an interview process .
    The questions presented in the above are important to think about. If I’m not happy or if I’m not appreciated then my motivation goes down. And you know what happens to demotivated people? They start to think about betrayal, leaving or causing harm to others. You don’t want that . Incentives beyond resources are important. No point in me putting my life on the line if I I don’t have someone to care for me at night.

  5. I’m not a prepper, I don’t see a reason for it for me personally but I do show your videos to my brothers who look for ideas and planning for their prepping and survival gear. Keep making great vids and keep giving people good sound advice dude.

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