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14 KEYS to KNIFE SAFETY and Handling – You Need to Know

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KNIVES Can Be Very Dangerous! Apply these 14 Keys to Knife Safety and Reduce Your Risk of Getting Cut or Harming Others by Accident…


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14 Keys to Knife Safety and Handling:

1 – Always treat your knife with respect and a healthy fear. Your knife is a tool NOT a toy – its a tool – and handled wrong – a DANGEROUS TOOL.
2 – Care for your knife and your knife will care for you.
3 – Keep folding knives closed and fixed knives secured in their sheath with NOT in use.
4 – Don’t cut toward yourself… if the blade slips you may be injured.
5 – Figure out a different way. BLOOD BUBBLE
6 – Be aware of the people around you at all times. Make sure there is no one close enough to be injured if your knife should slip or fall. CIRCLE of DEATH
7 – Never try to catch your knife if it falls.
8 – Never Chop on a Hard Object – Like a Rock. STUMPS are FINE.
9 – Only Pass a Closed or Sheathed Knife to Others… In some circumstances passing a knife handle first and blade down is acceptable.
10 – ONLY use your knife when you are rested, alert and well hydrated.
11 – Keep your knife sharp. A SHARP Knife is a SAFER Knife. A dull knife forces you to work harder because it will not cut well… so it is more prone to slip and go out of control.
12 – Keep your knife and handle clean.
13 – Use your knife for it’s intended purpose as a cutting tool not a hammer, pry bar, screw driver, chisel or punch.
14 – Add to the previous 13 SAFE knife handling practices your own common sense.


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7 thoughts on “14 KEYS to KNIFE SAFETY and Handling – You Need to Know

  1. dont try to catch a dropped knife is the one that always gets me. always keep your finger tips/knuckles below the plane of the top of the sharpening stone is one thats bit me a few times also.

    and dont forget, always treat every knife as if it were loaded.

  2. Great Video! Differences of “toys and tools” was great to start with. How about one of these with larger blades, I.e. machete, etc. I’m starting to see alot more of these on the trails.

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