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2017 FAQ: My Top 5 Favorite Primary Fixed Blade Knives (For Outdoors) – Preparedmind101

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This is not a “BEST 5 KNIVES” video. They are MY personal 5 favorites. Don’t have to be yours. Haven’t done a FAQ update in a while. Breaking down into a couple short videos. These are my favorite primary fixed blades…Belt knives. Not large choppers.

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8 thoughts on “2017 FAQ: My Top 5 Favorite Primary Fixed Blade Knives (For Outdoors) – Preparedmind101

  1. Like the LT Wright Outback and look forward to your follow up vid on it. That Honey Badger is awesome but I think its just to much knife for my uses, like seeing vids on it though.

  2. Chris, good video.
    Have you ever tried feather sticking a stick of fat lighter? I did the other day and being a harder wood, it was surprising the fixed blade knives that failed to feather stick and the ones that did.

  3. I think what most people who bitch about your picks don’t understand is that since everyone is built differently, not everyone will use a particular knife the same way. Blades you chose work well for you but might not necessarily work for someone else simply because their hand wouldn’t offer the same grip as yours does. For me personally, I prefer a smaller knife. Many years ago I figured out that 90% of what I use a knife for is accomplished by maybe three inches of blade. Longer blades are basically a waste for me. If I need to baton, I use an axe, hatchet or machete. For almost all feather sticks, whittling, carving, notching for traps, or shaving bark, I never use more than 4 inches at the most. For that, I carry a two blade trapper (Also works well for food prep). You seem to prefer larger blades with more sweeping bellies and that works perfect for you. Is either of our personal preferences wrong? Hell no, just different strokes for different folks man. You’ve got some great blades there and they are to be admired for what they are… the right tool for the person doing the job. No one can pick what tools you prefer any more than you can pick theirs. Keep up the good work man.

  4. Hey Chris, I just love using my Terava Jaakaripuukko 110. Can’t wait to see your second review of the L.T. Wright Outback.

    1. +Modern Survival Sense Yeah. Iffy steel. As in, when a knife break pic is posted on a internet forum it’s most commonly 1095. Step back and see the big picture.

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