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2018 Vehicle Kit Update (Section#1): Fire Kit – Preparedmind101

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7 thoughts on “2018 Vehicle Kit Update (Section#1): Fire Kit – Preparedmind101

  1. Something I would add that takes no space is one of the card style magnifying lens just because multi use and take the space of a credit card

  2. I think something very interesting that could be reviewed by you is the Sonik SKS Foldout Rucksack

  3. I would say that you have fire covered! I had fun making a bow drill fire, but once I got a fero rod I never looked back. Having all that in your car allows you to restock when going into the woods without a lot of work looking for items in the house. Makes life easier, and I am all for that.

  4. So you do an Update on the various options that People can use to get a Fire going. And I know that you have done multiple Videos testing those options, and you prove they work in the Real World. Yet because you choose to keep most of them in a separate container, that probably won’t be Stolen in case of Break-in (like an entire Bugout Kit in an easier to carry off Pack), you get Crap for it? Sad. Very Sad. Thanks for the Video. Yeah Ohio.

  5. You’re Intro is really cool, but it would be even cooler if there would only be the deep bass. The song doesn’t improve it at all in my opinion 🙂 Just some personal opinion on it 😛

  6. What if your fire kit got hit by a flare? Or, I guess, somebody used it to burn the crap out of something? Although I doubt that would start a skyscraper… What size fire do you think you might have if the got ignited open?…

  7. I love those fat rope sticks. I’ll have to look for the charcloth you said you got from Walmart, I haven’t seen that there. Good stuff.

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