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30 Year Shelf Life Apocalypse Food : Pasta Primavera/ Giveaway

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I review come post-apocalyptic cuisine, to partake in the contest simply like, comment and subscribe! Last weeks winner announced at end of video!

Toilet Paper Tablets

Mountain House Chicken and Rice

Hydroheat Cooker

Hydroheat Heat Packs

Mountain House 2 day Supply

Mountain House 3 Day Supply

Mountain House 4 Day Supply

Mountain House 5 Day Supply

Mountain House 14 Day Supply

Mountain House 1 Year Supply

Home Freeze Drier (review coming soon!)

Toilet Paper Tablets

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10 thoughts on “30 Year Shelf Life Apocalypse Food : Pasta Primavera/ Giveaway

    1. Did you watch the video to the end or get my message, dude YOU WON THE LAST CONTEST!!! Send me your address so I can forward it to mountainhouse.

  1. Good that it doesn’t taste salty, wouldn’t want that when cracking one of those open in case I’m low on water. šŸ˜‰ Keep up the good work!

  2. Add this as a side to go beside some chickenĀ or perhaps wild turkey in SHTF and this would be a winner!!!

  3. Nice , still have not tried mountien house products , one of the best out there. Like the level shirt too.. Keep it soiled steady 1000. Canada

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