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5 Year Audit On The Jessica-List – Preparedmind101

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11 thoughts on “5 Year Audit On The Jessica-List – Preparedmind101

  1. MISSING FROM LIST/VIDEO: (Knives that SHOULD be there but weren’t added in oversight or simply didn’t show up):
    – Becker BK9
    – Bark River Fox River EXT-1
    – Bark River Bravo Tope Recon
    …. Will add as more are found and adjust playlist. Bound to happen with over a thousand videos.

  2. Excellent year end video… glad to see you revisit the list over time. I own several things from the list, and I now plan to purchase a couple others… I’m not a collector, it has to be something I will use, and so I’m picky… but a few things jumped out to me that I should really own. Glad to see you sticking with the Jessica line, hopefully it’s not too painful.

  3. SCHF64 And the Kydex sheath, the LT Wright Outback sabre grind( Bought after your review of the scandi) And other items were purchased as per your review! Can you please use the word ”Survival” in your 2019 videos

  4. Chris that LTWK J1 looked sweet.  I don’t know what you didn’t like  or what didn’t work but going on the picture you showed it looked nice.

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