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5 Year Follow Up: Muck Artic Boots – Preparedmind101

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7 thoughts on “5 Year Follow Up: Muck Artic Boots – Preparedmind101

  1. Unfortunately I have to be the one guy to poopoo these boots. I bought a pair about 3 years ago for goose hunting in Iowa, and see no noticeable difference between the arctic sport pros and my rocky sv2s w/ 400g thinsulate. My feet get equally cold. I ended up buying some thermacell heated insoles in an attempt to salvage the $150 I paid for the Mucks, and have been able to make due w/ that combo. Toe warmers don’t work because there isn’t enough airflow, so I had to go battery powered.

  2. I purchased these boots after seeing your first vid. on them. I absolutely love them. I have one issue with them and one only. They do not do well on ice/ice patches, really slippery. But that being said in the snow/cold/woods they are superlative. Thanks for sharing…

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