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A Cheap and Formidable Weapon/ Tool!

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I review a very low cost piece of kit that anyone could benefit from having in their arsenal! I got this through home depot there are similar ones online!

300 Lumen version

200 Lumen version

A bigger badder version!

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7 thoughts on “A Cheap and Formidable Weapon/ Tool!

  1. The one my neighbor gave me is all one piece, except for the push- button end-cap. Also, mine has a glass breaker bezel. It is gun metal gray and has the Ozark Trails name on it.

  2. we used to get those small bats and drill out the center and fill with cement or a rebar and reseal it. it was very effective on knocking noggins.

  3. Just because I woke up early and have some time before I go to work. I’ll break this down. 46% of robberies occur outside. 14% are home invasions. the 46% render this flashlight useless for all intent purposes simply because you’d have to carry the flashlight with you at all times not to mention if you became a statistic of a robbery a club might get you shot by the assailant.This would most likely occur because they’d see the club as a threat. In this case situational awareness along with a better self-defense weapon would be a much better choice. The 14% would be interesting depending on the scenario. But in your own home depending on the State you dwell most home invasions have a few things in common that would also negate the use of a club/flashlight. So let’s entertain the scenario in which this particular flashlight would have value as a weapon.. One in which you would be using the flashlight to find the assailant in the dark. If this was your suspicion I’d have the flashlight with a weapon before I go shining in the darkness of my home. And truth be told if you were using the flashlight to shine an assailant this particular flashlight is backwards. The reason for this observation is quite simple. This type of flashlight should be held in an overhand position so you don’t see a shadow cast. But the flashlight part is the striking part and you’d literally have to change ends in order to strike versus being in the ready position if this was made transposed.

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