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A Competitor To Worksharp??? Is It Any Good? – Preparedmind101

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11 thoughts on “A Competitor To Worksharp??? Is It Any Good? – Preparedmind101

  1. Seen a couple people upset that it wasn’t a fair “review” of the Smith’s machine. Shouldn’t surprise me bc all too often people take a snapshot of what they think the video is and go by that. I was not “Reviewing” the Smith’s machine. I was illustrating the DIFFERENCES between the two for people who might think they could just get the Smith’s and save a few bucks. Maybe it WILL sharpen kitchen knives just fine! But for how long? That has the thinnest, flimsiest electrical cable of any single thing in my house that plugs into an outlet. The Worksharp sharpens kitchen knives too… And it lasts for years. Stop looking for reasons to be offended. I didn’t even mention OR post a buy link to the Worksharp, did I? It was a COMPARISON and a close up look for the benefit of viewers.

    1. Thanks for the video Chris. I thought it was a very fair comparison. I am just learning about all the different tools & devices that we have to choose from that are out there for sale. I thought you described the pros & cons of each very well. I appreciate that you take the time to show all of us the different equipment so we can make good decisions on what to buy with our hard earned money. Keep up the good work and looking forward to your next video(s).

  2. Why would Smith’s make a push to hold button on it? Are you supposed to sharpen your knife with one hand? I’ll take the worksharp. Thanks great review.

  3. You should use it for a few months and do a review on it, you probably have a few folders you can use on it. Idk just an idea no hate or disrespect. Thank you for the comparison.

  4. Hey random question. What’s your favorite machete handle out of all the ones you own. The handle on mine is awful and I need to make a new one for it.

  5. Ive actually got a question that is open to anybody that knows or has one/both.
    Im trying to decide between the first WS or the Ken Onion edition.
    Im wanting one for more than just sharpening, im wanting to be able to sharpen my spines, put in small choils, etc.
    Will the original WS be fine for all that?

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