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A Very Useful Bug Out Bag Item

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I talk about a useful bug out bag item, stay tuned at the end of the video I announce the winner of the sil-tarp from liteoutdoors!

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8 thoughts on “A Very Useful Bug Out Bag Item

  1. Practical Russian lesson (lol) [Got info from LifeOfBoris]
    Pack one shot glass for tactical wodka drinking
    Pack another one in case you have a college friend with you
    Pack the wodka
    Pack backup raw wodka (taters)
    then pls pack a OOOOPPPPPAAAAA

  2. My wife loved the idea of booze in my b.o.b as she put it for medical purpose lol keep up the great videos 🙂

  3. Great video with excellent insight . Alcohol and I had a long talk in my teen years. If I don’t abuse it, it won’t abuse me.

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