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Active Shooter Survival Manual Review – It Sucks That We Need This

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I am both sad and very angry that we need anything like an active shooter survival manual. But we do and this little book is full of clear. actionable information that could help you or your children stay alive.

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7 thoughts on “Active Shooter Survival Manual Review – It Sucks That We Need This

  1. I’ve had “active shooter” training several times. The mantra: escape/hide/fight. Even in corporate training you are trained to fight at your best ability if you can’t escape or hide. You are not losing anything. In Las Vegas the last option wasn’t an option. I’ve read comments that “If I had a gun I’d a plugged him!” Not. He was on the 32nd floor. From the ground a pistol, even in the hands of an FBI pistol expert that shot in perfect conditions would be hard pressed. Could you imagine someone pulling a gun to return fire and someone shooting that person?

  2. Good job my friend, I keep an eye pealed ever where I go. Don’t trust any one.Carry heat.

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