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After the Collapse: The Loss of Morality in SHTF

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I talk about this the moral decline in a SHTF scenario with many pop cultural references!

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7 thoughts on “After the Collapse: The Loss of Morality in SHTF

  1. You are right on. Fortunately in my case, I am an old bag women and will not be expected to be an assassin. If my son was in danger, I would turn into a total KILLER. COLD and calculated. Unfortunately I know this in my character and my son knows this too… I am old and would give my life for my son… But that is me and my personality… I have folks I work with who I would not have any problem dispatching them. They are worthless biomass. Thank goodness for laws to contain me… Skills of knowledge, how to grow food, kill and butcher livestock, how to treat most medical problems, knowing about medications and antibiotic coverage. Can do some minor surgery, can deliver livestock young and more then likely humans. Not perfect and still learning every single day…

  2. “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall.”
    – 1 Corinthians 10:12

    Anyone is capable of anything. “I would never [fill in the blank].” Brando is right, every man has his price. Thinking that one’s self would never do some particular thing, causes complacency in their guard against it.

  3. good men defend
    evil men murder

    ALL MEN WANT TO SURVIVE AND HOPE TO SURVIVE …..when we actually get into the thick of it—SHTF

  4. Revolution. It’s not on Netflix anymore but I believe that show portraits what he refers to in this video.

    This is spot on to say the least. To be human means something now but it wasn’t the same things from one hundred years ago, not a thousand years ago. It won’t be tomorrow either, SHTF or not. This video scratches the surface of so many complex topics. Take it for what it is, and truly ask yourself what CP is asking. If you aren’t flexible, expect to be broken in any situation. Gear will fail, people will die, your plans will change, your life could crumble tomorrow; so what are you gonna do about it?

  5. People think they know what they would do in a situation. But the truth is, you don’t know what you would do until it happens to you. We can only guess what we would do, or hope we would do.

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