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Almost Drowned While Fishing In Dangerous Currents (Tropical Island Part 10 of 14)

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OK, here is the story, usually this time of year, there shouldn’t be a lot of current on this beach. But after this video the locals told us, that with climate change, now all of the year it can be dangerous to swim there. The current was so strong we wouldn’t have made it back without the flippers. We were swimming full speed to the sore but we were most of the time standing at the same spot. Only the waves brought us in. Also the waves threw us on sharp corals and we got several cuts. Tropical waters are often infested with sharks, in this region particularly there where White Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks. This was a very dangerous situation and I am glad that we came out alive. One day after this video was shot a man drowned on a neighboring beach. 2 days before this video was made another man drowned on a neighboring island. Please be careful on beaches that you don’t know and always ask the locals. I survived but I was lucky.

Always be careful when eating fish from the tropics. Sometimes this fish can come with ciguatera poisoning. Please enquire at the locals if the fish can be eaten or not. On my island this fish was safe to eat. After I saw some locals catching and eating even smaller fish I caught one myself.

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Almost Drowned While Fishing In Dangerous Currents
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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This channel documents my learning process of all wilderness and urban survival skills.This is not a purely primitive survival channel. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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11 thoughts on “Almost Drowned While Fishing In Dangerous Currents (Tropical Island Part 10 of 14)

  1. Similiar pot I used in the video: , I used the fire steel on my knife blade which is a big NO GO. However I have to say that at this point the knife was already wrecked, (broken tip, chipped etc…) so I did not really care anymore. This was the last day I used this knife, so I did not mind striking the fire steel on the blade. Thanks for watching.

    1. Lilly, love your channel & what we learn from it. I did miss your usual narrative in this one though. I absorb alot verbally is why. Thanks for publishing!

  2. Undertow is no joke. I’m a strong swimmer and had to bring my friend to shore because he was drowning. It was the most physically exerting thing I’ve ever had to do. The ocean was sucking me under the whole time and my friend definitely wouldn’t have made it on his own.

  3. Lilly, what is your background for doing these videos? Nice islands, sometimes helicopter, must cost a lot of money??

  4. You have a great video .I’ll be back to see more . Thanks for sharing with the world.If you have a chance check my channel out.If you like hit subscribe.Let me know you did and ill say WHAT UP?! HOLLA AT YA BOY!!!!! Keep up the good work! Take Care God Bless!

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