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Alpha Outpost Subscription Box – The EDC – Every Day Carry | Gear Review

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Today we dive into the Alpha Outpost EDC Box. Sign up to receive your own Alpha Box here if you like it. That choice is yours ()

Also, check out the full article on this video right here! ()

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13 thoughts on “Alpha Outpost Subscription Box – The EDC – Every Day Carry | Gear Review

  1. Cool shit man. Ive subscribed and am looking forward to training with you
    guys soon.

    Have you checked out the Spec Ops Global sub box ?

  2. that company continues to surprise me with how Low Quality all their gear
    is! I don’t imagine they’ll be in business much longer.

  3. Good honest review, For being veteran owned company they should be dealing
    with other American veteran owned companies. And stop dealing with cheap
    Chinese CRAP. I dont even buy from China mostly U.S because you guys have
    all the cool stuff that I cant get in Canada Cheers man

  4. Thanks for the honest review. Also, have to be honest; $3 is too much for
    the Alpha patch because you’re going to be walking around with their pack
    and patch on it, giving them free advertising. And you end up realistically
    paying for the privilege of advertising their brand. If anything, they
    should toss in the patch for free.

    1. +NGMonocrom I agree to an extent, but $3 for a patch is more than far. We
      sell ours for twice that amount. Patches are about supporting things you
      like and boosting moral. Just my opinion. Thanks for watching man!

  5. Primal.. I believe you are pretty accurate on your review. I have been an
    Alpha Outpost subscriber since their second month going live. They have
    definitely made improvements along the way.
    The backpack- I like it. Definitely not MILSPEC, but I didn’t expect it to
    be. I use it for an overnight hike bag.
    Knife- LOVE a tanto blade. The locking mechanism on the knife I received
    needed adjustment. It is what it is.
    Flashlight- bulky..not very bright. Back up light use only
    Paracord- it is 550. I buy mine in rolls
    Chapstick- it is beeswax. also can be used for first aid insect bites..
    ALSO, if those zippers get dirt in them or rusty, just rub the chapstick
    along the edge. it will also help initiate a fire by rubbing it on tinder.
    Thanks again Primal… Tilt. #warriortribe #wagewar

    1. +Lesa Frady the items definitely have their uses, comparing the the items
      to their specified value is what makes them so shitty in my mind because I
      think they value things way high. If the pack was valued at $20-30 where it
      should be I would say it’s fair quality.

      I haven’t lost total faith yet though! ?

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