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Amazing Invention Improved: GIANT Toilet Paper Tablets!

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The best invention for dealing with those number twos just got bigger and better! This should go in your preparedness kit! Toilet paper tablets rock!

Check out my original toilet paper tablet video here

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MIni toilet paper tablets (500pc)

MIni toilet paper tablets (100 pc)

Waterproof container for tablets

Or visit Wysi website here

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7 thoughts on “Amazing Invention Improved: GIANT Toilet Paper Tablets!

  1. Went to the link You provided above to order some of the larger improved toilet paper pills.
    The link is for Canadian recipients only!! I used my credit card and the transaction was refused,,,,
    AND the next morning… I received a call from my credit card fraud folks.
    Waiting on a good source.

  2. how would 20 tabs last you a month?? If you are using them for number 2s surely they’d be gone within 10-14 days? quicker if you are a lady who needs to keep clean after peeing

  3. Tangential topic…

    Town has been on a boil water alert for a few days now. Not an issue for my family, as we’re on river water anyway, so buy our water from a source who has their own additional filter system. The wife, staying on top of local news, bought our oldest daughter (a water drinker, who recently moved into town) a couple cases of water.

    However, while my town jumped on informing the public about their water treatment failure, another town I remember hearing about at the time, wasn’t as lucky.

    Anyhow, a young buddy of mine, who I’ve been gently prodding into getting into the habit of prepping, did get sick. He didn’t get word of the water advisory in time; while he survived, his experience wasn’t exactly enjoyable, trying to decide whether to sit on the throne or to examine it in detail.

    Now, while the wife has containers she fills for planned power outages (so the toilet will still flush), and many other preppers have similar contingency plans; it won’t matter one lick, when the water itself is contaminated. Food for thought.

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