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An Apology: Bug Out Roll Organizer

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Since making this video I got word that production is going full tilt tomorrow with some new employees! The universe is good, ask and yee shall receive!
We have ran into some unexpected problems manufacturing the roll, the good news is quality rolls are being produced but there are delays in terms of how fast we can honor orders that have already been placed. I appreciate your patience throughout this process, EVERYONE will get their roll ASAP. I can’t wait until we are established and build up an inventory and it will be thanks to you, my dedicated and supportive subscribers who helped make it a reality.

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8 thoughts on “An Apology: Bug Out Roll Organizer

  1. It is admirable that you are having domestic production. A lot of businesses would have outsourced the manufacturing to china. Plus, you had the idea and drive to see it through. That, in of itself, is something to be proud of. I have great confidence that the roll will be worth the wait. On another note, have you seen the “handmaid tale”? Very dystopian. I would love to hear your take on it. Almost forgot, an autographed picture of All American Prepper would make any delay worth it!

  2. Looks like an amazing product, Will definitely be ordering one in the future. Do you ship internationally? I know you have probably answered this already.

  3. I respect the way you are going about this. I hope everyone understands and are patient. Support small local businesses. Thanks!

  4. Who cares about a delay!!!!!! . . . Stay focused on Qualities levels & everything else will work itself out . . . people ALWAYS stand in line & wait for high quality, well engineered. made in the first world products. . . . dont be too hard on yourself . . . . think of what Henry Ford went through at first.

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