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Apocabox October 2016 Unboxing – The Nomad Edition

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The Apocabox Nomad Box for October 2016 seems a little random to me. Apocabox is a bi-monthly subscription box that features unique, often handmade, gear selected by survival guru Creek Stewart. I usually like Apocabox and this one is OK, but it doesn’t wow me like some have.

Check it out here:

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7 thoughts on “Apocabox October 2016 Unboxing – The Nomad Edition

  1. Nice and honest review Bryan 🙂 I agree. The box is kinda cool…I kinda
    like it..the idea…but…does not quite get there with some of the items
    themselves. Sadly. They seem to have had some really cool and unique stuff
    included in the earlier ones though. As always,big thumbs up Bryan! 🙂 You

  2. In your outtakes you said inox bout sure what that is, bet you thought of
    it later, stainless steel. Like in Victorinox. My Opinel says inox on it.
    Apocabox ain’t my box.

  3. I guess it’s going to get more difficult as time goes by to keep coming up
    with new stuff to put in the box. There’s only so many pieces of gear out
    there. If I had paid money for this one I would not have been a happy

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