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Apocabox Review and Unboxing – February 2017 – Ignis Box – Apocabox Reviews

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The Apocabox subscrition box from Creek Stewart and Willow Haven Outdoor is focused on learning skills for wilderness survival. This box is all about fire starting, one of the most important life saving skills.

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20 thoughts on “Apocabox Review and Unboxing – February 2017 – Ignis Box – Apocabox Reviews

    1. Survival On Purpose Works great without poking any holes. Kids and I made some char rope with it when we filmed the review

    2. Kaylynn Strain Actually the tin is not airtight, so you don’t need to place any holes in the tin.

  1. Mr. Brian, thanks for the video. I did two months with Apocabox, then unsubscribed. I felt the same way. I felt like they were getting cheap and getting away from the teaching and bushcraft aspect.

    1. +Ando Da Mando it has got to be tough to come up with a new theme every month and make everything fit

  2. This box is a lot better than the previous boxes you reviewed, they were a little lackluster. It just felt like they were missing something to really set it apart and make it a must buy.

    I love the concept of this box, it feels like they’re still trying iron out some of the kinks. I guess if it had to give some constructive criticism to the guys behind these boxes.

    As I said, the concept is great, but I feel like the execution could be a little better. I think if they focused a little more on quality items that really speak for the value of the box, I think anybody would be impressed with it for the value of stuff you get, as well as seeing a practical need for it.

    That giant flint with the magnetic striker, that’s a really quality item to have, especially everything else like the bundle of tinder, the tin box, the storage tinder bag. It’s definitely unique items I have to say this time around.

    So, I think I might finally get one. I’m willing to give them a chance to impress me.

    1. Survival On Purpose I signed up for the April box, it’s called the “Forager”, and this one focuses on gathering food and wild edibles, they talked about some of the stuff they’re including, one that got my attention was a filed guide on identifying plants and various trees. That’s very helpful and clever, I’m definitely looking forward to that one.

    2. +Marth I think as long as you understand what it is they do (and that is not necessarily provide a bunch of stuff at a discounted price), I think it is a pretty cool box

  3. All but one of my friend’s test tubes were broken. Then he saw that same back scratcher and lens at dollar tree.

    1. +J Allen i’m sure they’ll take care of the broken stuff and, like I have always said, in my opinion the spots is not so much about getting a great deal on stuff as it is about skills and innovation

    2. J Allen if your friend contacts support they will take care of any broken items. I had some in a previous box and received excellent service

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