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Apocabox Unboxing – Silent Hunter – April 2018 Box

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The Apocabox subscription box has been hit or miss at times but this month I think Creek Stewart nailed it.

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10 thoughts on “Apocabox Unboxing – Silent Hunter – April 2018 Box

  1. I’m willing to bet, that everyone that has negative to say about these boxes would gladly accept it if offered to them for free. I would and if I could afford to buy the subscription I would. Also these boxes aren’t really for the “advanced survivalist” or “advanced bushcrafter” or I’ll even say the regular outdoorsman. They are for people just starting to get into the prepping or survival type mind set. They help and encourage the mind so that new people can branch out further in getting prepared or getting to the outdoors. Are they honestly worth it to you, Dave Canterbury, Matt gram, Joe Flowers, no not really. They are cool sure, but you and most others are already set. People need to stop hating on the boxes and encourage other to start with them…..just saying

  2. Looks like a lot of negative comments on the box in general, and I get it you can’t please anyone, but I felt this box was well worth the money. The Simpleshot Torque is a nice beginer slingshot to start with. The box comes with a discount code for the Hammer, which is another model from Simpleshot. Also included were videos from the manufacturer on how to use the Torque as well, which was another added value. I guess it comes down to there will be those who are always negative about the boxes, and that’s fine, but how many of you actually have taken the time to get a slingshot out and practice or to learn how to build a snare?

  3. I gave some thought to this box because I ‘m tired of being Donny Downer, but if I paid 50 bucks for that bunch of junk I’d be really pissed off. In a couple months I’ll bet you won’t even be able to find that sling shot and those targets, are they kidding?

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