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Bad Review – Fällkniven S1

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Unfortunately the Fällkniven S1 did not hold up to my standards. Broken sheath, broken tip, chipping, handle being to small and wearing out too fast led me to this point of view. I don’t consider this being an effective survival tool that you can trust your life with.

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This channel documents my learning process of all wilderness and urban survival skills.This is not a purely primitive survival channel. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

Bad Review Fallkniven S1

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12 thoughts on “Bad Review – Fällkniven S1

  1. Unfortunately the Fallkniven S1 did not hold up to my standards. Broken sheath, broken tip, chipping, handle being to small and wearing out too fast led me to this point of view. Also I want to clarify that I havent used the firesteel extensively on the blade. I stroke the firesteel about 20 times before making this video. I was only striking it near the handle and not near the tip of the knife. Some viewers suggested that the chipping came from the firesteel. But most of the chipping has occured at the tip and the curve of the blade. I have never stroke the firesteel on that part of the knife. Also the chipping already occured before I was on the tropical island, and it is definetly not from the sand. Also I want to clarify that the tip broke when I was batoning it with a wooden baton. Not with stone.

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    1. The type of knife steel does NOT matter with a fire steel. Anything harder than the fire steel will strike a spark.

    2. Regarding striking the fire steel on the S1, I thought it was well known that stainless steel is not as good as carbon steel for this. Yet, it can do it and in a real survival scenario one would do it. But, carbon steel rusts and salt water environments are breeding grounds for rust. Like most bushcrafters take a firesteel striker. Like, they weigh a gram and can be attached with paracord. As to the handle size, did it shrink from when you purchased it? My summation is you are not suitable for the knife-not the knife is not suitable for you. An experienced bushcrafter would use his/her tools appropriately. My sceptical side thinks that once you broke the tip you (after throwing it at trees) were going to trash the knife. Experienced budhcrafters know that VG 10 can get nicks. We also know there is a technique to use when you want to use the point. Seems to me you don’t have fundamental understanding of some basic essential fundamentals on knife use and care. Remember, a bad craftsman/person always blames their tools. Cutting sand covered objects (when water is nearby to wash it off) does not seem a skill that hard to understand. Give me any knife and I can trash it doing what it is becoming obvious what you did. I make my own knives and frankly a regrind and new handle is not difficult. For a factory build they are very good knives. At first I was surprised by your review however having watched it a few times, my views have u turned as it becomes obvious that your activities were designed to destroy it. Cheers.

  2. My God! this review is like retard bingo!
    1. Handle is too small for your hands? you have almost two fingers of handle sticking out out of your palm???
    2. It wont throw sparks so you use the edge, you know that it is a laminated steel right? so lamination is done in a way that hard core is in the middle and soft core is on the outer sides, so the 420 steel that is on the outer side is pretty soft so it has a problem on a ferro rod and the edge doesn’t due to it being a VG-10 (harder) but i have no problem on my f1 with thriving sparks.
    3. you must be young (not in your age, because we can see that you aren’t ) in this game to claim that SRK is a better knife, on SRK the hole handle falls off a knife, the angels on a handles from a blade are done in 90 degrees so it can brake on that point as proven by Nutnfancy and some other guys. Did you actually try the same thing with the SRK? specially battoning the handle against the rock? and why would you do that???? i have never in my life seen a place where you can find Patella and not find rock to hit it especially when it lives on a rock!
    4.I would really like to see how you sharpen a knife on a ROCK and get a flat grind!
    Please go play with dolls, because you really don’t know what you are talking about, you are just trying to get views…..

  3. my daughter and i watch you channel together. when she gets home from school the frist thing she askes is if there is a new lilly show. she is 6 and you are an excellent role model for her. thank you for all you do.

  4. Owned a Fallkniven S1 for many years now and I have never had any issues with it–I suck at sharpening the damn thing, but other than that it’s held up great. Let me preface all this by saying that I did get a great deal on mine and would never pay retail for it, but then again, it has been a good knife as I stated above. Now, I’m not taking a rock and striking the spine or abusing it in anyway. I have several other knife brands that I currently own, and I will go with most of them before I pull out the S1, and I would never do some of the tests Lilly preformed on my other knives either–for their intended purposes I love them all. I had a special kydex sheath made for me by Gorilla Tavern and he did a fantastic job–put a survival kit on it and it’s been in my car kit for years–great knife when I need it. For every person out there that bags on this knife, there is another who actually thinks it’s a good (not great) knife. Just don’t pay retail for it because there are much better brands/options out there. I love Lilly but respectfully disagree. Oh, everyone knows the sheath sucks. Mine has never failed, but then again I will never us it because it’s damn cheap and poorly made.

  5. I wonder if the K-Mart special like Bear Grille/Gerber would have survived this adventure in better shape.

  6. The Fällkniven VG10 is fine, hundreds of ytubers have tested the F/S/A1’s and they are VERY good performers. I myself have put my A1 through hell and back with super tough batoning.

    Don’t BATON STUFF THAT IS FULL OF SAND! Any steel would fail doing what you did with that knife, it’s like batoning rocks!

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