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Bark River PSK EDC Elmax: First J-Listed Knife of 2019! – Preparedmind101

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11 thoughts on “Bark River PSK EDC Elmax: First J-Listed Knife of 2019! – Preparedmind101

  1. Really cool base though I do have a few good knives in this size but people complain about 3v And elmax is even harder without a good setup that your not bringing hiking with you but it’s a beautiful blade if I was gonna bring a small knife it would be the small LT Wright North American hunter with pinned micarta handles in AEB-L steel so it can be sharpened in the field the falkniven F1 In VG10 or for something fancier the Bark River kephart in 3v super thin and sharp and is lighter than most folders and my last option was the cheapest made In Bulgaria small light g10 handles tough plastic sheath not sure if it’s kydex but it’s just as good with a fairly thin D2 blade full tang company name is manly knives cost me $40 but Benchmade on the blade instead of manly and $40 easily turns into $100 plus great fit n finish great jumping untop and below handle for a super great grip g10 handles pinned in with great opened hole styles for latching to something or at least put some pracord through the lower hole for better control and so the knife doesn’t fly out of your hand which u shouldn’t need but ya never know and a very sharp spine for scraping or for a fire steel haven’t found a better blade for the money anywhere in my opinion and I look at knives online or in hand every single day for the last 20 yrs some people hate D2 but I think that’s more mental than anything else though there are easier steels gor sharpening there are just as many that are harder to sharpen as well love the vids keep it up maybe one day I’ll win a contest though between 20 channels giving out prizes I’ve never won a think even on channels that give alout away and have few subscribers it’s a plot maybe because I’m I’m a red blooded white American that believes in the constitution ?

    1. I’m not American and can’t justify to myself paying 200+ with shipping for the base version of the knife. And it doesn’t seem to be available through European trade companies. Being an exclusive it probably never will, I suppose.

    2. … Which is going to restrict access and availability and can add significant shipping costs to an already increased (though reasonable) price tag. This knife looks ideal to me. Would have loved to make this my first Bark River… Sigh.

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