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Battlbox Mission 25- EDC Gear

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Mission 25 is the EDC Gear box. Battlbox is a monthly subscription box with a different theme each month, including a knife of the month option.

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11 thoughts on “Battlbox Mission 25- EDC Gear

  1. Hey Brian. Just wanted to say I’ve been watching your videos for years and you’re a cool dude. I especially like the crazy stuff you do like Chuck Norris facts, rotational balance testing, and that skunk that pops up outta nowhere. God bless. I’m glad you’re around.

  2. My pet octopus and I give Battlbox, and any dopey box subscription ten thumbs down!!

    Let’s Make America and Bushcraft Great Again by Dumping the Dopey Box Subscriptions in 2017!

    Guys and Gals, let’s all start using our heads to research the specific gear items that will properly perform our mission, instead of allowing some anonymous person in some unknown place to pick out random gear for us!

    1. I’m totally against anything that “Dumbs Down” America anymore that it has already been “Dumbed Down!”

      Among other things, I am anti-UN-reality show, and box subscription!

  3. I have got the swiss key knife copy from china and its pretty good even if not perfect, i wonder if its the same from china as this one or if they use a better steel (the edge  doesnt hold anything and is a chisel grind though)

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