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BattlBox Mission 38: Day Hike, Backpacking Gear | SOG Multi-tool, Backpack, Cook Set & More

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BattlBox Mission 38 is all about getting out into nature – day hiking, backpacking, or whatever form it takes for you. This was a pretty cool set-up – my favorite items were the backpack and the SOG Baton Q3 multi-tool. Check out the video and let me know what your favorite items are.

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11 thoughts on “BattlBox Mission 38: Day Hike, Backpacking Gear | SOG Multi-tool, Backpack, Cook Set & More

  1. I’ve been on the fence about subscribing to Battlebox and having seen the last few boxes I ready to get down on the no side of the fence. To me they have really lost a step.

    1. EverydayTacticalVids at 1st I was amazed at what came with them and the quality. But the insoles? I have size 14 feet. The backpack looks like Wal-Mart quality as does the bladder. And the list price they give for the SOG insane, also I’m very down on the recent SOG products. I do appreciate your reviews and other videos. Keep up the good work.

  2. Worth the money if u don’t already have this equipment another great video?✌️I’ve heard those straps works very well cutlerlover I think is where I heard it after use

  3. Hey Everyday Tactical Vids!
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  4. I got the advance box !!! I have not had time to use the items but it was awesome!!! I wish I gotten the pro plus!! It all good I will get these items later!! Awesome box

  5. First, I thoroughly enjoy your channel. I find you to be knowledgeable and generally unbiased (what more can I ask for?). You asked for comments, so here goes.

    Honestly, there are not many BattlBox boxes that I have been unhappy with. I enjoy trying out items (which I have been unwilling to purchase) in order to determine whether or not the new items can displace equipment I already have, or to understand the usage model for the new equipment (as an example, I think Kelly Kettle is great for tent/car camping, maybe for an overnight hike, but not an extended multi-night hike).

    BattlBox Mission 38:

    1) Esbit stove: Have observed quite a bit of feedback giving this a “ho-hum” as it lacks sex appeal having been around for years. I personally give it a thumbs up for its size, weight, simplicity, and ease-of-use.
    2) Hydration bladder: This is my first so I am fired up to put it thru its paces
    3) Compass: Ok as a backup (I do value the mirror). Personally, I prefer to a compass with a declination adjustment.
    4) Insoles: These are my first pair and omg, are they comfortable. Wish I hadn’t been so cheap and bought some in the past

    1) Backpack: Nice backpack, but I have gotten several backpacks via BattlBox and am not that thrilled to get another. I will say for a day pack it is well made and feature rich (has a cover).
    2) PackTach: These are why I value BattlBox. I had never seen such a product before and while my initial impression is that they are on the gimmicky side, I can’t wait to try them out. I am very happy to find them in this month’s box.

    1) Barocook set: Ever since I saw the sneak preview, I have been waiting for the subscription box (another pleasant surprise in finding a product I had not seen before). In anticipation of giving the system a workout, I purchased both the 20g and 50g heating elements in advance (BTW, Amazon Prime members should purchase thru Amazon as Barocook has a hefty shipping charge ($7.12 for 2-day USPS Priority mail).
    1a) The mug is a bit messy when the exothermic reaction is taking place (water spatter from the steam vents), but something I can get used to. The cup of coffee I made myself took ~5 minutes to heat up and I am happy to report that it was very hot. A slight negative is that the mug is a bit heavy (as it should be as there is an outer container, an aluminum cup and a beefy lid). Note: I have not yet tried the meal cooker and would expect it to be a bit messy as well.
    1b) While the mug’s aluminum(?) container holds ~13-oz (up to the brim) and ~10-oz is closer to what is a reasonable fill. As an FYI, those individual freeze dried coffee packets call for 8-oz of water.
    1c) The 20g heating element does not easily sit in the bottom of the holder, in fact, the instructions call for you to push the heating element down with a rounded object (this is necessary to ensure the heating element is submerged in the water).

    Pro Plus:
    1) SOG Q3: I was very excited to try the unique form factor. I am disappointed to note:
    1a) The file does not have much “bite” to it and does not file material down very well.
    1b) I am concerned that the jeweler screwdriver is going to eventually snap off due to its thin structure
    1c) I am very concerned about the “chisel” and whether or not the chisel’s joint can take a pounding (I cannot see it being used as a pry bar). I am just not sure of a chisel’s value when one has a knife blade available.
    1d) I am most disappointed with the difficulty I experienced unfolding the tools (I tore my thumbnail). Ultimately, I had to use a piece of wood to pry them out.

    In my estimation, there are areas of improvement for some of the items (after trying them out); however, I increased my knowledge of what to look for and what new products are available (PackTach and Barocook are great examples of items I have never seen before and that I am hugely pleased to see them included). In my mind, acquiring knowledge more than justifies the price I am paying for the Pro Plus subscription.

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