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Battlbox Mission 39 Unboxing – Survival Gear Repair

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9 thoughts on “Battlbox Mission 39 Unboxing – Survival Gear Repair

  1. Awesome Bryan! Seems like another home run! I like pretty much every item in the box 🙂 Super nice! I always carry some repair stuff along even my EDC. At least some tape, sewing kit and a small multitool and such. Gear Aid makes nice sewing kits too. I have one in more less every bag/ pack. Packed in the same kind tubular container like that Field Repair Kit. I think I give that Tenacious Tape a try. That Vigilante Trails sewing kit is really cool. I like the compact awl tool. And that Exotac Ripspool is sweet! They put some cool knives there too 🙂 Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful vacation Bryan 🙂 Big thumbs up!

  2. Great video as always Bryan! I’m in Colorado and our rattlesnake population has come out in rare force. Has the diamondback been bit more encountered out east?

  3. Woohoo MR.S spotted @ 1:25. looks like he is still kicking it, though he might have gotten stuck in something.

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