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Battlbox Mission 40 – Long Range Rifle Gear

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Long Range Shooting Handbook:

Rifle Cheek Rest:

Shooting RIfle Rest:

Real Avid Gun Tool:

Rifle Cleaning Kit:

Lancer Double Rifle Case (the one I used for comparison):

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14 thoughts on “Battlbox Mission 40 – Long Range Rifle Gear

  1. I’m actually sad I wasn’t subscribed for this box, looks like it had a lot of good gear, and that Nine Line bag should be an awesome range bag! Have fun getting out and practicing that long range shooting!

    1. Survival On Purpose Thank you Bryan, we appreciate that. I’m working on the video we talked about, I hope to have that done soon! Hopefully that will be a start and we can work together more in the future!

    2. It is one of the better ones so far in my opinion. By the way, when are we gonna do a video together. ? Your channel deserves a lot more exposure. It is really good

  2. I’ve had that bag for years, it’s a Drago model with the 9 Line embroidered on it.
    It’s good stuff.

  3. A good video and great items to use. I really like the backpack for carrying your rifles and accessories.

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