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Battling The Burnout | Primal Life Vlog – 011

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6 thoughts on “Battling The Burnout | Primal Life Vlog – 011

  1. I don’t know if I can support you anymore…How can someone not like peanut butter? On a real note, keep grinding, man!

    1. +MASK Tactical That’s understandable. I am deathly allergic to cashews and pistachios. So, I completely agree with you on keeping it away from your daughter.

    2. Haha, I can eat it but it’s not my favorite thing. My daughter is deathly allergic to it as well so I like to stay away from it all together.

  2. I think Variety with your diet is key for sticking to a healthy plan. If your getting sick of the food it’s so much harder to stick to it.
    I’m interested to know if now you are training to are you finding you het through the food easyer?
    That Gnar box looks like a sweet bit of gear for filming.

  3. Ok my 10 yr old son is going to do it with us as well. I’m. 232 starting day 1 with you. I’m pumped. Looking forward to it. Stay strong. We’re in it for 90 days. Jan 13 2019. How long is your plan?

    1. That’s dope man! I don’t have a timeline. I’m just going till I accomplish he mission. I will be doing a big 1 year video though.

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