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Bear Medicine

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7 thoughts on “Bear Medicine

  1. Definitely .357 or .44 as far as handguns. Obviously if we were including rifles and shotguns then it’d be endless. A simple 12 gauge with slugs will drop pretty much anything in North America. A .30-30 lever action of course too. Those are the old school wilderness guide guns. If you can’t carry a pistol then a lever action carbine in .44 or .357 will be a good option too especially in NY since we have to get a carry permit to even own a handgun.

  2. I thought this was gana be a beer (brewha) talk with my boy Tac, but a gun bear talk will suffice my man

  3. But with bear Spray you don’t kill the bear ?! (don’t forgot that you are in the living place of the bear)

  4. Don’t really have a lot of bears here in SC. We do have coyotes. REALLY BIG COYOTES. High caliber side arms just don’t hold enough ammo for a well seasoned pack. Let me tell you. I’ve never know fear like that moment I realized I was surrounded. A lady friend and I were night fishing(hint hint) down by a bridge on the Salkehatchie river. We had A chair, a spotlight, fishing gear, a multitool and a cooler with 2 catfish in it. The truck was only about 50 yards from us but it was a very steep uphill climb. I grabbed the fish and through one at them and they were fighting over it. We made a bee line for the truck and I dropped the other one about half way up the hill. I could literally hear them rolling down the hill fighting over it. Anyways. The next morning we called my cousin who is a game warden and he advised that we carry a dog whistle. I’m not sure if it works but I’ve been carrying a dog whistle for years now. And I did get my gear when the sun came up in case you’re wondering. I did get laid in case you’re wondering that too. Lol Just my two cents.

  5. love you man!! often a good mix of fun and info.We dont have bears in dk but i like the vid any ways.Really hope your doing well brother

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