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Benchmade Osborne Design 940 Going Gear Exclusive

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Benchmade Osborne Design 940-1701 Folding knife.
This is a Going Gear Exclusive only available at .

Benchmade Osborne Design 940-1701:

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10 thoughts on “Benchmade Osborne Design 940 Going Gear Exclusive

  1. I’ve had a benchmade for about 30 years. once you use there lock you won’t want to use a liner lock again. the pocket clip is a great option for lefties. I’ve brought mine in to there shop in Portland to be sharpened several times. they have a wall of salivation. New knives that is.

    1. love this knife even though i prefer my knives to be a bit on the heavier side. only real negative i can give it is that the inlays are pretty fragile should you ever need to remove them for any reason. that said, unless you do remove the ctek inlays, you shouldnt have any problems.

  2. I love your vids and I go off of your gear with my EDC and Bug Out Bag and Bug In bag with mine and my moms I would love to do a dual vid with you

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