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Best Bushcraft Knife? – Mora Garberg Carbon vs Stainless

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The Mora Garberg Carbon is a long-awaited version of their full tang design that first debuted in stainless. Both knives feature a sharpened 90° spine, Scandi grind, 3.2 mm (1/8″) thick blade and a symmetrical synthetic handle that works well will multiple grips. In this video we take a look at both and try to start a fling and steel fire with the carbon model.

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7 thoughts on “Best Bushcraft Knife? – Mora Garberg Carbon vs Stainless

  1. OK axe snobs re batoning…I SUCK WITH AN AXE…small pieces of wood I’m batoning that bad boy…safety over hubris…..or the 1970’s…your choice ?

  2. Those knives look great, i think florida weather might be kinder to a stainless though. Nice to see mora put out some new designs. Also glad to see you putting all sorts of stuff out again.

  3. WOW i am blown away by the venomous hate spewing in the comments for Dave Cantebury ! if you do not want his opinion then don’t take it , but why all the hate ? if i was lost in the woods and had to survive for weeks Dave Cantebury is definitely on top of the list of people i would want with me !
    i value Dave’s opinion the same as i value Brian’s .
    Morakniv makes a good quality knife whether you carry a $17 companion or an $85 Garberg
    also i see lots of haters talking , but i don’t see so many of you out there making your own videos showing off your woods skills !

  4. Both knives seem awesome but I would choose the carbon steel just for the extra fire starting abilities and ease of sharpening in the field.

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