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Best First Aid Kit I’ve Tried – Surviveware 1st Aid Kit

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The Surviveware First Aid Kit is the best pre-made 1st aid kit I have seen. The pouch is very well made, the contents are very well organized and the attention to detail is excellent.

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7 thoughts on “Best First Aid Kit I’ve Tried – Surviveware 1st Aid Kit

  1. Because of you Brian, I carry a tourniquet in my back pocket every day since I conceal carry. And in the event of an emergency if I ever have to use it, I’ll be glad that I have one.

    But yes this is a great first aid kit, I love that it’s labeled so it’s easy for anybody to understand. I haven’t gone for my CPR class yet, but I am going to go to one eventually. Also, one other item I would consider putting in that kit or a trauma kit is an arm sling in the event of a broken wrist or arm.

  2. Nice kit ,I have a good one in my van. Also have some first responder Training .Need to get up dated on my CPR training .been about 8 years .

  3. I’m not a big fan of pre-made kits. But if you need something now, this looks pretty good. I agree the tourniquet is a fail. Replace with a swat. Add gloves. Add a list of recommended otc meds: antihistamine, anti-diarrheal, antibiotic ointment and burn gel. If you still have room, eye wash or at least eye drops. And, yes a small flashlight for seeing those tiny pesky thorns with the splinter poker you’re so excited about! ?

  4. Cool, a nice looking little Ouchie Kit.
    Yes certainly replace that Tourniquet, it’s less than useless.Get rid of the Space Blanket while you’re at it. Add to it a small Flashlight and some Coban. (Just remember that Coban tightens up as it warms up.) A small Knife wouldn’t hurt either.
    I really like the fact they have everything in their own little Ziploc Baggies. That is called thinking it through.
    The only other things I would add would be some Quick Clot and at least one larger Dressing. (ABD Pad, Trauma Pad or Israeli Bandage.)


  5. Excellent excellent video. I really liked how everything is in a baggie now i am going to put that into effect in my kits My wife thinks my kit is overboard with scutcher kits ,scalpel and sterile blades tegraderm covers And even smelling salts you never know what may be needed until medical personnel arrives.

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