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Bianchi 7 Shadow 2 Holster : Tactical Show

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8 thoughts on “Bianchi 7 Shadow 2 Holster : Tactical Show

  1. some like the friction! awe yeah! on a serious note I run a galco thumb break on my sig p229. I like things staying in place.

  2. Terrific holster ! I have a Safariland “lined” with suede for my Colt Lt.weight commander .38 Super. Can’t beat it ! Tac. Your Blackjack 13 and especially your 14 with the deep finger grooves, From my lower level it is your best blade. I have a Randall 14 like it and the whole design just screams survival ! Randall’s most popular blade in Vietnam Nam. Chalk up another great review !

  3. Say Heah Tac’ie My People. Yeah, I like Bianchi Holsters. Infact I even have a Bianchi #1 Nighthawk Hollow Handle Survival Knife that I definitely would trust my life on for a hollow handle survival knife. Yeah I also like DiSantis Holsters too.,,.

  4. That’s a cool holster man. Hmmm, but “bian-chee? nahhhh, it’s “bian-kee”. ask me how i know, go ahead…….go on. …..ask…..I’m waiting. ……..c’mon now. lol

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