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BIG MISTAKE? Credit Card Debt for Survival and Prepping Gear?

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The answer is not as simple as you think!

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Shelter and Sleep Systems

Water Filtration

Cooking Systems

Silky Saws

Flashlights & Navigation

Survival Gear/ Misc

Fire Starting




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7 thoughts on “BIG MISTAKE? Credit Card Debt for Survival and Prepping Gear?

  1. If the banks allow you to use your credit card to secure something for yourself at their expense the holy fuck state has not happened. When you cannot use their money to secure something for yourself you know the Holy fuck state has occurred.

  2. My grandmother made a lot of money because she had good credit during a financial collapse and invested made investments with high interest.

  3. V.true about gaming the card points system. I launder purchases through a card even though I have the dough to buy it outright just to get points. Think you’re wrong about rinsing your credit before shtf. Becore us dumb-dumbs know anything they’d know already and have that shit locked down.

  4. The only debt we have is a tractor we recently purchased. Once it’s paid off then there is no more debt. We do use credit cards but pay them off before the due date. In fact, I use them in order to get points, discounts, etc. I’ve gained enough points in 2 months to get merchandise free with points left over. I don’t buy frivolous things either (even the freebies.) My husband uses one card on the hotel he’s staying at for work and the company pays him back so nothing lost there either.

    I’ll use my card, get my points and discounts then immediately pay it off. BUT, IF (and that’s a BIG ‘if’ ) I knew for certain it was going down, you’re darn right I’d go and max every card I have out on supplies (mostly building: nails, screws, lumber, and even plumbing supplies in case it needs repair, and if we haven’t gotten one already, a solar generator that can run the well pump.)

    Our limits aren’t high (3K on the highest) but we haven’t had them for very long either. We only got them for emergency use to begin with and they have come in handy. One of mine sat in my wallet for nearly 6 months before ever being used. But when my husband starts a new project and has to transfer, it takes a while for company money to come in and reimburse in the beginning so they give a little wiggle room for the first month.

  5. Consider that “credit cards” are an arm of the controllers, who set us up by printing fiat currency without backing……..then look at the BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS now, paid out by these criminals in fines for links to terrorism, lying to their customers, robo-signing, etc, and ask yourself: “AM I JUST A MONTHLY MARK FOR THESE CRIMINALS?”
    YES! As long as WE support the banks, WE LOSE! So why not play with their monopoly money and beat them at their own game? They misrepresented themselves as honest companies, they lie and fix interest rates, have DIRECT links to terrorism, and, along with the government, simply make our money disappear. Know as well that fiat currency is not backed by anything, it’s just zero’s on a computer, and a legal “contract” must have EQUAL CONSIDERATION, which means all parties are open and honest and put everything out in the open……..which they don’t do. Loans are created on a screen, without real backing, then we put up OUR LABOR AND HOURS OF OUR LIVES, which is Unequal! Loan’s are also entered on 2 books, as a positive and a negative, which should cancel them out, and after 3-4 months of non payment, are zero’d out again on the banks books, but then the imaginary debt is sold to collection agencies, another scam, for pennies on the dollar. These folks are independent 3rd party busy bodies, and again, part of the mafia control system. So weigh these fcts and check out G. Edward Griffin’s work on how the fed was created, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, use your brain and your Heart and join Millions of US who’ve utilized cards to prepare for the screwed up future they’re planning. Should “WE” really care about a good credit rating from the mob? Or should WE help crash the federal reserve and monetary system so WE CAN START AGAIN WHERE PEOPLE ARE VALUED ABOVE PROFIT??? We’ve been so poorly trained that we blow up entire mountains for small pieces of colored metal and cut down forests to make dollar bills and toilet paper, all trained to want to have big piles of trinkets……………….well I’d rather have the Mountains, Forests and a FUTURE without debt slavery and bullshit politics. Self Ownership and Love are gifts WE can give OURSELVES.

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