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Biologist Predicts how Civilization Collapses Soon

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In this video I interview Guy McPherson a biologist and professor emeritus of the University of Arizona. He currently resides on a homestead in Belize. Dr. Mcpherson believes that the biggest threat facing mankind is global warming, that the threat is being downplayed and that its long past the point of being resolved as a phenomenon called ‘runaway climate change’ has already been put in motion.

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13 thoughts on “Biologist Predicts how Civilization Collapses Soon

  1. I want to clarify something, I do not fully endorse the views put forth in this video but I share them to provide you the viewer with perspective on the issues. It is up to you and you only to come to your own conclusions and strategize accordingly. My personal interpretation of these predictions is not to take them literally but to acknowledge the potential for this to be a serious issue that MAY have serious consequences in the coming years. The collapse of agricultural systems and habitat is but one of many things we as preppers should be ready to face in an uncertain future. I believe that Guy makes these predictions so that people start taking an interest in the issue and not simply write it off as an elaborate ploy to mine carbon taxes from the population. The truth is always somewhere in the middle. Thanks for watching.- CP

    1. Cp when it comes to carbon tax it is like just because some a$$h0le is willing to tax your bucket of water doesn’t mean your house ain’t on fire. Some people will take advantage of others.

    2. Canadian Prepper , while I agree with much of what he says, especially with the massive die-off of humankind shortly, I disagree with the main causes of it. As I mentioned in a earlier comment on another video, the current geoengineering going on is creating more global warming than greenhouse gas, and there is evidence to support this on
      From my own perspective, looking throughout living history on Earth, there have been times of much higher CO2 levels, in the thousands of parts per million, as opposed to 400-plus today. During those times the temperatures were only about 8 degrees C or so warmer than today. This was of course enough to melt the poles but not enough to exterminate all life on Earth, obviously. There are other things in play going on here, I think, and one is the geoengineering currently taking place. The atmospheric spraying combined with the atmospheric heaters, along with cloud seeding, etc, have poisoned insects, birds, plants, and now humans as well, causing massive die-off. As for insects, their populations have been reduced by almost 80% since the 1980s. And by 2025, at the current rate of escalation, one in two children born then will develop autism. That is an extreme rate of increase, and thought to be linked to aluminum deposits in the brain, much of this coming from aerial spraying and vaccines.
      So while I basically agree with his dim prospects of our future survival as a species, I disagree with the main causes. Good video though. Thanks. Oh, and by the way, here is a link to a site which proposes that not only are we getting ready to enter a grand solar minimum, which could cause up to 1/3 degrees Centigrade drop in temperature over 30 years or more, but there are some that believe we are actually headed straight into a new Ice Age:

  2. Biologists are not climate scientists. It’s like when bill nye the mechanical engineer guy talks about climate change, he’s not a climate scientist.

  3. Despite my own opinions on the subject, I look at this man and see a deeply, deeply sad person. He has by far the most depressive gaze I have ever seen. I hope what he says does not come to pass, and that he is able to learn to love life again.

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