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Blade Show 2017: Zombie Tools – Preparedmind101

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Zombies smell. They Bite. They are frustratingly annoying. Not known to be suicidal, so you got to help them along a bit. Enter Zombie Tools….





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7 thoughts on “Blade Show 2017: Zombie Tools – Preparedmind101

  1. any thoughts on their knives? they make a mean looking​ Bowie, and their nessmuk looks pretty restrained compared to their other blades

  2. Now that kicks ass. It would be awesome to own at least one of those zombie tools. Bring one of those to a knife fight. Awesome to see, thank you. Tony.

  3. Wow. You brought me into the zombie tool light. Every time I heard there name made me think of the nick Shabazz ZT gas station knife so I never looked at their stuff. Man does their swords look freaking awesome and the videos of them using them is even more better. May need to start to save some stratch up for a new sword in my life. Thanks for the awesome video and the enlightenment.

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