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Bomb Proof AR 15 for SHTF HM Defense

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Having a Dependable Rifle for long term use is a concern for those who are survival or prepper minded. HM Defense has addressed to critical elements on the AR-15 that make it Uber Reliable.

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10 thoughts on “Bomb Proof AR 15 for SHTF HM Defense

  1. Chevy sold out to the man,was genuine fun but now he’s praising anything he can get his hands on.Oh yeah Ban assault rifles.

  2. Sootch00. Idea for a good video. Six silhouette targets, side by side. Ar-15, 30 rounds rapid fire or bump fire. compared to wood stocked 12 ga. hunting shotgun, pump, cylinder bore or rifled for more scatter, buckshot any size, 20 to 30 yards 6 shots as fast as possible. I think you will prove the ar is not more deadly.. Thank you for all the great videos. I will follow you to other venues.

  3. Ahhh ! Yes ! A new toy for x-mas ! I love the feel of the AR 15. Thanks Sootch. Keep up these excellent vids.

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