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Bow Drill Lesson Learned The Hard Way

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In this video I try to make a bow drill set out of some kind of hard wood, which I could not identify. I went for it because the splint wood seemed soft. But then I found that the heart wood was incredibly hard. I could not get an ember out of this set. Lesson learned!! Take soft wood for a bow drill set. Don’t waste your time with hard wood.

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Bow Drill Lesson Learned The Hard Way

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12 thoughts on “Bow Drill Lesson Learned The Hard Way

    1. Survival Lilly after your injury is over can you please please please do more bug out camp stuff like overnights it’s so much fun to watch I love your videos you inspired me my grandmother and grandfather actually help me get your sweatshirt and all the survival stuff you have I have made my own fire I’ve done my own camp it’s in my words you are my idol I love you so much please continue your work

    2. not to put your health at risk but would you consider taking advantage of your injury to emulate a survival scenario where one of your arms/hands is debilitated… You could practice fire starting with one arm without the use of modern firemaking tools and this could be a valuable lesson for your viewers.

      When I was in the army we trained combat skills without the use of either of our arms which was a completely different ballgame (especially when it’s your dominant arm that becomes incapacitated). drawing a handgun that is holstered on your right side using only your left arm and cocking it is not a very fast draw 😛

      But yea my point being: the inability to use one hand presents a very interesting chance to practice survival skills in a state that is all to realistic and important to consider.

      Cheers from Finland

    3. Howdy! I hope you get well soon! Your videos have been a great inspiration for me to get back out into the woods and continue to exploring. I am very grateful for your channel & have learned a lot, so if you ever need help with a typewriter, give me a shout – I’d be happy to return the favor 🙂

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