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Boy Scouts Name Change and Girls In the Boy Scouts- A Scoutmaster’s Perspective

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It’s official. Soon there will be girls in the Boy Scouts and a name change to Scouts BSA. The last few years have seen big decisions by the Boy Scouts of America in response to pressure from special interest groups, corporate donors and changing social standards.

As a Scoutmaster and YouTuber, I get a lot of comments and questions about these issues. So I did a little research to see what is actually planned as far as welcoming girls into the program. In this video I share what I learned as well as my opinion on whether I think it is a good idea.

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8 thoughts on “Boy Scouts Name Change and Girls In the Boy Scouts- A Scoutmaster’s Perspective

  1. As I expected, the response to this video has been overwhelming. So much that I am just unable to reply to every comment. I DO read every comment and I may pop in from time to time to respond to one or two when I can. As always, profanity filters are in place so if you want your comment to be seen, please watch the language. Also, be nice. Hateful, insulting comments will be deleted when I see them. – Bryan

    1. Survival On Purpose Hey Brian, different subject, the new Thrunite V6 catapult mini thrower has arrived at Amazon

  2. The GSA went “politically correct” (i.e., morally wrong) long ago. I congratulated the BSA for standing firm when they didn’t follow suit. It certainly couldn’t have been easy financially for a largely eleemosynary organization to have taken an issue all the way to the Supreme Court. But 13 years later they caved. When I was a scout (got to Star, also) the oath said: “On my honor, I will do my best to…keep myself…morally straight.” How can that oath be taken with a straight face when sexual deviants are included in the group?
    With the retreat on that issue, it was almost inevitable that they would fail to stand on the subsequent fronts of transgender and gender. The quality of education in America has suffered (in part) from being predominantly co-educational, and Scouting almost certainly will, too. There are inherent differences between boys & men, one one hand, and girls & women, on the other. It is absolutely right that they be considered as EQUALS before God and before the Law, but it is a fundamental error to consider them as EQUIVALENT in all respects.

  3. You’re right of course, but how is it that the Scouts are constantly being influenced by all this super imposed “political correctness”? I thought it was privately run by churches and whatnot? I assume on some level it comes down to someone lining their pockets as these decisions seem very unpopular, particularly with the scouts themselves. I know I would have never joined as a kid if it were like this.

  4. My Mom made me go to Sunday School, Do you know what I remember about it? It is the first place I copped a feel, What a think to remember about it. Now, I do not believe in GOD and what about that girl?!

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