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Bug Out Bag Camp- Light & Power Options

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Here are links to most of the products shown in this video

OUTXE 32 LED Camping light-

Lighting Ever products

Kaito emergency radio-

5000mah solar charger-

1byone 24W Foldable Solar Charger-

Anker 21W Solar Charger (almost same price as 15W now)-

Get the Hybrid Light flashlight and lantern here-

UY-Q7M 100 Lumens Camping Lantern-

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9 thoughts on “Bug Out Bag Camp- Light & Power Options

  1. Survival can be summed up in THREE words [Never-Give-Up] If you agree then become a subscriber for more PREPPING!?????

  2. Looking forward to videos from the bug out camp so yes power is important. You have it covered so lights, camera, action. Thanks. Tony.

  3. its goin to be great to see how those perform this weekend! I got a few im bringin out ts gonna be great!

  4. I’m keeping my eye on a 50,000 mAh solar power bank since my other power banks are just not keeping my stuff juiced. that red one you have in your tripod mount is totally awesome, wouldn’t mind having one of those myself

    1. actually got my eye on a more compact one from a different company but have to wait til I can pop the extra bucks to get it

    2. Kaylynn Strain I have heard great thing of OutXE, whatever you do, sont get XDragon from amazon, I found out hard way

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