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Bug Out Bag Set up Be prepared

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Sensible Prepper Presents: My Current Bug Out Bag Set Up. Being prepared is smart and having your essential supplies ready to go gives peace of mind.

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Dark Energy Battery Back-up:
County Comm Radio
FFS Custom Knife:
Griffin Pocket Tool:

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Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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7 thoughts on “Bug Out Bag Set up Be prepared

  1. I like the way you stomp around in the woods, kicking up leaves, walking
    through mud, schlepping water tracks across rocks, you would be easy to
    track lol :)

  2. Hey Don! Great video. As I watch more of your videos and do more hiking
    myself, I realize that the ‘tactical’ style bags aren’t really suited for
    long hiking trips carrying a heavy load. The hip belts aren’t reinforced
    and they’re just not that ergonomic. Do you really prefer this kind of pack
    because of the compartments/organization, or a lighter-weight, traditional
    top-loading hiking pack?

  3. there is no need to cut the toothbrush. LOL

    good to have maps but there are much better books for survival other thank
    SAS, in fact most wilderness survival how to books are better regardless of
    the situation.

    also an edible plant guide.

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