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Bug Out Roll First Aid Trauma Truck Kit

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7 thoughts on “Bug Out Roll First Aid Trauma Truck Kit

  1. CP good to see you doing good. Been and still is a busy time on my end so it is good to see you on more. As to componets go with what you are comfortable using. You might also want to ask a few first responders what they think. If you are in an accident and they need something then it is there for them. Great tip on farm shops for certain supplies.

  2. So they arent great for shelter, but space blankets are absolutely built for dealing with shock.

    I would add in a few more triangle bandages. They are handy for so many medical purposes.

    You might want to throw in a couple oral iv’s to deal with dehydration.

    Depending on your level of medical training: chest decompression needle, epi pen, chest seals, and a nasal airway. Most are small enough to add to this kit easily.

    Get some loosely packed gauze, in case a wound needs to be packed.

    And of course, the two most important items you are missing are PPE for the person using this bag: gloves and CPR facemasks.

    A few of these items will round out the bag.

    (Some benedryl, pepto, and bayer would be handy, as well as some biohazard bags to dispose of anything covered in blood.)

  3. Great ideas

    Maybe those extra pockets for batteries? I think you can start a fire with it, so great for accidents in the cold??
    Correct me if I’m wrong!!

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