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Bug Out Vehicle 101: Tips For Choosing The Best Bugout Vehicle!

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Bug out vehicle shopping can be a difficult and confusing task especially if you have no idea what to look for. Furthermore many people actually make the wrong decisions when looking for a bug out vehicle because of this lack of information. So today we’ve put together this short but informative video that will give you lots of tips on exactly how to find the best bug out vehicle for your needs.

You really don’t have to spend a fortune on your survival vehicle despite what some people believe and with a bit of clever shopping you can actually get a bug out car that will outperform even the most rugged of vehicles.

One really good way to approach this is to look for second hand cars that may need a bit of maintenance and repear but that can take a lot of damage and wear and tear and you can get yourself a great survival vehicle for a fraction of the cost of buying brand new.

Your vehicle should be large enough to transport yourself and your loved ones and it’s a good idea to have additional space too to put all of your items including your bug out bag.

Looking for a car with good fuel efficiency is important too as in a survival situation many people will be queuing up at every gas station making it hard to get fuel if you run out.

You should also look for a vehicle that is super easy to maintain as the last thing you will want in a survival situation is something that fails on you at the worst possible time.

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  1. what a crock of shit , for one there is a bomb that destroys all
    electronics phones ,radios, distributors in cars etc. and I know you won’t
    able to get gas because the damn cashier is not gonna be working to keep
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