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Building A Lean-To Shelter For Bug Out Location 3

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In this episode I build a small lean to shelter to keep the fire wood dry. It is also big enough to serve as shelter for 1 person.

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Building A Lean To Shelter For Fire Wood

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12 thoughts on “Building A Lean-To Shelter For Bug Out Location 3

  1. this video was filmed right after my injury, unfortunately I kept working cause I thought it wasnt a serious injury. hand is getting better now and i hope I can work soon again 🙂 thanks for watching

    1. Survival Lilly You should go on Naked nd Afraid it’s really good tv show If u wanna test our ur gpa in the woods and stuff with another teammate

    2. she is awesome to watch, and funny at times, we have been watching her for over a yr now. love her videos 🙂

    3. Survival Lilly awesome. I didn’t even need to watch it. subscribed right away. I knew it would be good. really awesome job. 🙂

  2. ohman, wenn ich den schnee schon sehe.. 🙂 und wir sitzen hier alle in norddeutschland be+3 grad und regen 😀

  3. Dear Lilly, you should throw away that tomahawk and get yourself an Gransfors Bruks Small forest axe =)
    Get well!

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