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Bushcraft – How To Carve In Wood.

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In this video i show you how to carve in wood, I’m carving a spoon using an axe, a knife and a spoon knife. Please SHARE and LIKE. Thank you.

Tools used in the video:
– Wetterlings Axe.
– Mora frost knife.
– Mora spoon knife (hook knife).
– Pencil.
– Patience.
– Sandpaper.


Music: Kevin MacLeod.

Rights of use:

Intro/Outro Music: Mechanolith.

Main Music: Amazing Grace 2011.

Pre Outro Music: The Pyre.

Thank you for watching, please support me by sharing and liking this video.

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18 thoughts on “Bushcraft – How To Carve In Wood.

    1. +RLG261 Yes, I know it’s the same knife, but I just prefer this older
      handle with lanyard hole. I’ll keep looking around. Thanks again

  1. thanks for sharing and awesome channel! how do you sharpen your tools? axe,
    knife, spoon blade?

    there are loads of videos on sharpening on the Internet, but it would be
    great to see how you do it

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