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Camoflauge and the Wilderness GRAY MAN Camp: Invisible in the Woods

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YES I KNOW TREES GROW VERTICALLY, I MEANT HORIZONTALLY, IT WAS A LONG DAY LOL! In this video I discuss camoflauging my bug out camp, and some principles that may allow you to go undetected and be the gray man in the woods.

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9 thoughts on “Camoflauge and the Wilderness GRAY MAN Camp: Invisible in the Woods

    1. Canadian Prepper sorry mate,yeah,in your video,i could also see that maybe they could be hidden by the reeds if it were a similar colour. Did you do a video of the construction of the Armadillo?

  1. The glow of a lit cigarette is visible from over a mile away on a dark night….I’m betting someone on the other side of that lake could see that bonfire….

    You should also remember, there are thermal imagers out there for cheap….someone can see your personal body heat hundreds of meters away with one of those without the fire, and they are only a couple hundred bucks.

  2. There is a website with free bunkers for the arrival of the end of the world, I already sent my video. Do not stop participating and spread, we can all save ourselves

  3. Great tips. Now days people search with infrared and night vision so hiding is next to impossible. Not to mention search dogs and drones that can spot you from above.

  4. on top of the perfect invisibility one can also set up a fake “honeypot” to catch the eye of the curious passer-by… of course far enough from your location (so if they subconsciously “want” to be attracted by something they will get their desires fulfilled – one can even arrange the place as remnants of an ancient camp in case they will inspect)

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