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Camp In The Woods – Questions And Answers

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11 thoughts on “Camp In The Woods – Questions And Answers

  1. I was alerted to this in my comment section. To any of my subscribers who are bullying other people, stop it immediately as it’s unacceptable behavior. This has happened in the past and has caused considerable distress to the people who ran those channels. It also creates unnecessary strife between channels which benefits no one. Lilly, there are people who will never be happy whatever we do in our videos. The advice in this comment section is on point: if it’s not constructive criticism just ignore it. Also remember that we probably share most of our subscribers and those who complain are in the minority. I hope this comment helps and if you like, pin it to the top- any more critics, send them to this video so they can read the above message. Thanks.

  2. great video, just ignore the trolls and those butthurt people who don’t think about how THEY are affecting the environment especially going vegan and how those food crops are grown using Bloodmeal and Bonemeal and destroying forest to create farm land they just have to quit crying once again another great video and keep doing what you are doing

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