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Changes in My Food Storage Strategy

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12 thoughts on “Changes in My Food Storage Strategy

  1. A good philosophy for food storage in general and not just for prepping. Buy what you eat and rotate stock. Personally I would eat those cans of soup nearing expiration but thats just me. Something I also do which goes right along with food is store fresh water in 5 gallon jugs. You have probably talked about water storage before but I have since forgotten lol. Me, personally, I just keep 7-8 5-gallon jugs filled with filtered water. It makes sense for me as I have a water dispenser that takes those jugs and I rotate them as I use them so water does not sit for too long. In addition I also keep two bottles of water purification tabs at hand as well as a squeeze filter. Having some redundancy is nice when prepping.

    1. If it were just me and I was perfectly healthy I’d eat them too, but with my current situation it isn’t worth risking a doctor bill that would cost so much more than a can of soup.

  2. Good pointers, i keep couple of the #10 mtn house lasagnas. Another good thing to think about is outdoors, 25 bucks for mtn house for hike packs doesnt go to far, but how many meals can you get out of a #10 can far surpasses that for sure!

  3. I like the fact that you are incorporating a healthier life style along with prepping…these two are often not thought of together. Great info Brother!

  4. food does not magically go bad after the expiration date. having said that I just bought buttermilk for a dollar a gallon 2 days past expiration date. regularly 3.50$ a gallon, I got 4 gallons at a dollar each.

    1. I realize that, but I’m still not going to risk the health of myself or my family to save a few dollars because no matter how unlikely it is, a potential hospital bill would cost so much more.

  5. The price has scared me away from the survival foods but your right may be time to reconsider as I’m going through a replenishing phase right now..

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