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Civilization COULD Collapse but WILL IT? When Will SHTF?

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Technology advances and the economy stays the same, this necessitates a major shift to harmonize these two dimensions of society. It wont be a smooth transition because they are at odds with one another. In this video I discuss something that is hard for many people to grasp, its the simple fact that civilization as we know it COULD collapse, which is not to say “WHEN” but due to a confluence of factors there will be an INEVITABLE shift that entails the harmonizing of technology and economy.

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8 thoughts on “Civilization COULD Collapse but WILL IT? When Will SHTF?

  1. Selco from SHTFschool and Ferfal from Argentina offer some great advice. Particularly, Selco. He survived the Balkans War in a city of 500,000 I think. For one year.

  2. Remember the movie Red Dawn? It involved one national invasion. Today involves a plan by elites to divide the whole globe into a unit. And beat rebel’s brains out on the pavement.
    Cyborg is an example of world collapse: decay, crimes against persons, dead burning, fighting ignorant gangs who simply don’t like the way you look, taking you down to see whats on you, it is bad!

  3. i like the abrupt ending. good stuff cp. truth is shtf a long time ago in various places at various times very recently. japan. Christmas tsunami, various places in africa, families in the middel east, etc.

    tell some orphaned starving 6 year old in syria sh*t hasnt hit the fan. regionally, we’ve just been very fortunate. snake eyes will turn up for us soon enough.

  4. As retail chain stores close across the US due to consumers using the internet to shop, my prediction is in a few years you’ll have a few huge chains in major cities, Walmart, Aldi, Kroger, HEB, Costco, Amazon (with its locusts army) etc. depending on locale, most other storefronts will become empty. Then the net will fail or the currency will become worthless as it always does before the collapses of major civilizations. Anarchy is always 8 meals away or less in the US. once other stores are gone they aren’t coming back soon if ever.

    1. what’s your plans this week Bill? I have to take Wednesday off work, so me and the wife can take the monthly trip to “Fort Walmart” in Chicago or Indy (2 hrs either way) to get sugar, milk and other rations. lol

    2. I live near a city of nearly 200k+ and I’ve seen many major retail stores shutdown in just the last 2 years and still remain empty. The “mall” here is on life support. I’m surprised the last two anchor stores JCPenney and Macy’s are still open. Many local grocery stores have recently closed in outlying country towns/villages forcing people to drive 30-45 miles for groceries vs 5 miles. In IL which is the armpit of America (only competing for the title w MI I think right now) for perspective and the future of the US if it stays course…

  5. The higher order functions of our civilization will be the first to go (e.g. finance) after the trigger event. Things will continue to devolve until political structures collapse. After that, it will be a true survival environment.

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