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Cold Steel Luzan (Large): The $40 Monster Folder – Preparedmind101

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9 thoughts on “Cold Steel Luzan (Large): The $40 Monster Folder – Preparedmind101

  1. I am trying to troubleshoot why some of my videos are now only able to render in 780P. Newer camera (but pretty much the same) and a new intro segment but everything seems correct. Working on it.

    1. The size of that knife probably sucked down all the processing power for rendering, thus leaving you with a 720p image. 😉

  2. My wife got me one for Christmas.
    It’s a fun knife. If you pull it out from your pocket at the right angle, it will deploy like the Emerson wave design. Just be careful, that’s a lot of blade swingin’

  3. BladeHQ has large Espada on sale for 139.90 ! I live in a Santa Barbara and was lucky enough to get one at their sale for $100. People shit when I bust that blade out in public. Luzon is next on my list.

  4. I’ve had mine for a couple months. I wear a kangaroo pouch legendary whitetails sweatshirt and it fits nicely in that pouch… it’s my Lil Joey when I’m out and about. Came sharp as hell!

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