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Covert Rifle Case – The Vanquest RACKIT-36 – Gray Man Approved

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The Vanquest RACKIT-36 (Gen 2) is a covert rifle case or bag that doesn’t scream “gun”. It also has legendary Vanquest quality and some pretty cool features I have not seen on any other gun cases.

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18 thoughts on “Covert Rifle Case – The Vanquest RACKIT-36 – Gray Man Approved

    1. Whatever works. I just like that this one is designed to carry a rifle and has features that support that purpose

  1. Visited site, wanted to see it in some camo patterns ’cause im a redneck, but didn’t see any unless I overlooked. someone need’s to talk to them people.

  2. See how fast a good sling pack design can be brought front? That is why I like my 5.11 RUSH MOAB 10 sling pack with a belt added through the hideaway pocket for the shoulder strap. Fits two main purposes for me. Shopping at gun and knife shows so I can carry my purchases and I’ve equipped one as a 7 day bug-out bag. No way? Coast Guard Approved Food Tabs. For small stature plus that old hand deficit it’s a perfect fit. Pathfinder Canteen Cook Kit on the belt W/cups & lids for two.

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